Create Engaging and Effective Experiences for Your Learners with Talent eLearning!

Partnering with you to create affordable, simple and fun eLearning custom-made to your needs.

At Talent eLearning, we have partnered with small and medium-sized businesses from around North America to create affordable, simple and fun eLearning solutions.

E-Learning Solutions Tailored to Your Needs!

eLearning has become the most effective technological solution for training employees at physical sites. We have unique solutions for all your eLearning needs. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the field of eLearning with organizations of various sizes, we understand the needs of the learner, and develop a learner strategy that fits well with eLearning development.

Employee Onboarding and Compliance Solutions

The employee onboarding service enables employees to finish their training and start work with their certificate in hand, ready to dive in.

Once they are employed, let us train them in a timely fashion to keep your employees and your company compliant hassle-free. Stay audit-free with Talent eLearning, with confidence.

Simplex LMS. Developed by Real LMS Users.

We identified the most common problems and addressed them with simple solutions.

Simplex LMS was built for enterprise solutions, but made affordable for small, mid-sized and large corporations.

Micro Learning Training Videos

These training courses are unavoidable so they might as well be enjoyable and affordable! Talent eLearning can help your business stay ahead of the competition by providing online courses to improve their skills at work and in life.

Our Services

Custom eLearning

Translation and Localisation

Micro Learning

Rapid Authoring

Flash to HTML

Mobile Learning


We Make eLearning Easy.

Our goal is to constantly increase the benchmark and redefine the success threshold at each step. We strive to create, innovate and develop eLearning development tools.

Let us take care of all your eLearning development and convert your course materials and classroom courses into interactive, and exciting online programs. Our expert and experienced team help to get cost effective eLearning design and developed in a record time.

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