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Microlearning is the process of learning small, manageable nuggets. The information presented is targeted and accurate. Talent eLearning creates microlearning solutions to reinforce lifelong learning or even act as a standalone learning strategy, where the entire curriculum is based on learning activities, lesson plans, projects, and assignments.

Microlearning Can Offer More Value for Your Money in the Following Ways:

Saves Time and is Amazingly Effective

Microlearning courses in enterprise training are very short-term and easily accessible. The specific needs of learners are taken into account through “just in time” microlearning courses.

Interactive and Flexible

Learners can choose from a wide range of topics specific to their areas of work. These courses are highly interactive and rely on interactivities and other fun activities that can be used to effectively to teach concepts.

Promotes Employee Productivity

Microlearning promotes employee productivity and requires minimum effort. As learners only spend the time needed to learn the topics, it improves their productivity without wasted time.

Give your learners the information when they need it.

Talent eLearning creates microlearning solutions to reinforce lifelong learning or even as a standalone learning strategy.

Not surprisingly, given the benefits of micro learning platforms, it’s quickly becoming the best way to provide your team with the data it needs to do its job. Whether your goal is to retrain your team members, streamline the management work or ensure a retention level, micro-learning can help you make a difference. It’s about offering more to your business at a lower cost.

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