Translation and Localization

Your Project has a Global Audience!

This means that you need someone to create a course in a primary language, as well as convert this course into a translated version. You need a partner who knows how to design the main course in a way that minimizes costs, not only for translating but also for locating it in the context of foreign markets. 

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Content Translation

We translate and adapt your original text into the target language as with the fluency and contextualization of a native writer. The original format is honored so your final results are an accurate translated version of your original file.

Voice-Over Narration

With a huge number of voice-over artists with pitch-perfect tone and native language competency, we can assure you we can cover your needs. Our voice-over actors can tackle any project, from presentations to video games, and even phone systems.


Subtitles can be used for virtually any kind of video or motion graphics and act as a great tool to maximize viewership. Whether it is a memorable home video or a film promoting your business, subtitles can be added to enhance the video viewing experience.

Multimedia Localization

The multimedia localization process goes far beyond simply translating words, it will transform the content to perfectly reflect the culture you’re targeting – from the currency used to reflecting local conventions. In today’s increasingly global business world, this is a must for connecting with audiences around the world.

Audio-Video Integration

A reputable audio and visual integration expert can bring a company into the modern age, giving them the tools to improve communication and operations all at once. This is who we are. We can help you breathe new life into your company’s ability to communicate.

eLearning Multilingual Desktop Publishing

eLearning and its availability in a multilingual format is in high demand for businesses seeking out efficient and cost-saving technological alternatives for training. It is a growing market and you need someone to ensure the course activities are culturally appropriate. Work with us and you’ll be working with the best.

Graphics Localization

Localizing a complex product such as animations and graphics can be complicated and extremely time consuming. Yet all we need from you is the English master, and our team of designers and translators will handle the rest. You’ll be provided a fully translated and complete product – within your budget and specified time frame – ready for distribution.

We Can translate Your Courses to Whichever Language You Need
















And More...

Promote flexibility of learning by localized multi-device courses.

We have developed a series of unique training courses for translation and localization professionals, all designed to give you a boost.

Each of our translation and localization courses address a particular skill or subject such as customer service, sales, or management, and provide training in the context of translation and localization with the help of language, case studies, skills and examples relevant to the sector.

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